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Tuesday 12/6/16

“Don’t say another word, Mitch.” It only empowers the hoaxers. Other provocations, including “Social ecology,” “When the source matters more than the truth” and “Making the tenant the landlord.” Continue reading

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Time to get off the hamster wheel. Continue reading

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Friday 9/16/16

NCAA hypocrisy, free-riding for the sake of faux moral purity, GMOs stumble, and, of course, sex — because sex famously sells. Continue reading

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Monday, 8/8/16

No partisan politics at all. I may not be out of the woods. As they say in AA, “one day at a time.” Continue reading

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Sunday, 8/7/16

No Trump-bashing today, but a little bipartisan bashing of both Conservatives and Liberals. 5 other edifying quotes and links. Continue reading

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Sataurday, 8/6/16

Putin’s “common core” and ours. Devolution’s half measures. Vlad the Chimera. Political date-setting is as dumb as prophetic date-setting. More. Continue reading

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Saturday, 3/26/16

I separated some legal wonkery into a separate blog so this one could have the theme of “miscellany.” It ended up being pretty shamelessly political because some of the miscellany was self-indulgent and mediocre. Conservatism to believe in 160 years: … Continue reading

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Saturday, 2/6/16

Sustainability; Workers of the world unite!; The Wall Street/TBTF albatross; Proto-Concentration Camps; Reliable, relevant – and a product of the Church Continue reading

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Thursday, 1/28/16

Secularism The last word on Trump Aristotle, Socrates, Wendell Berry Is water wet? Foundations

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Thursday, 1/7/16

Bureaucratic Unaccountability; Fear & Loathing at Cambridge: Dark skin, dark money: Damn racket update: Blind pig update; Better villains Continue reading

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