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Better than everyone else

Yesterday was cathartic. No rants today, not even #2. Continue reading

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Gleanings, 12/30/15

Admissions “beyond the numbers” Book list Why would Richard Cory do such a thing? 2 signs of hope Well. It looks as if I’ve mostly managed to free-associate off some Rod Dreher stuff, but it feels like time to publish … Continue reading

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October 1, 2015

I was feeling guilty about insufficiently afflicting the comfortable, so I’ve larded this one with offensive stuff. And dark. Don’t forget dark. Continue reading

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Monday, 8/30/15

Amnesty International’s legalization folly. What if Hillary implodes. How NYT celebrates Sunday. A true story from rural Oklahoma. Heaven & Hell. Continue reading

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Thursday, 3/19/15

Opening with “an eerie phase of history” and in a sense never changing that subject. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/15/14

I’m kind of proud of this diverse collection today. Continue reading

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Saturday, 10/4/14

“Shut up about being a burden. I love you.” is my favorite today. Another, which I thought was a backwater, is already getting attention from everyone it seems. Continue reading

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Friday, 9/19/14

Palestinian Christians, all the way back Whittaker Chambers explains the fall of Rome Religious Freedom, Indivisible Intrepid Journalist in the cesspool Miley, Nicki and the NFL Too small for a republic, too big for an asylum

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Monday 8/18/14

Against Obsessive Sexuality SPLC does something unexpected The tone-deaf Cardinal Steyn on Police Lethal Force Not a real sabbatical

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Sunday, 8/3/14

“Is religion anti-social?” Musings on what I hope isn’t a “cloud, the size of a man’s fist” (I Kings 18:44) and an postscript apologia for the same Continue reading

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