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Today’s ramble, 2/14/19

From loving America to the lesson of Harry Potter, clippings or ramblings from today’s reading. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/16/15

ACLU abandons Civil Liberties Transitions in moral codes Death is a lousy treatment Where is the conservative Christian Bernie Sanders? I need a Mr. Amos Only stupid objections Do Evangelicals love The Donald? Introducing Heterodox Academy

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Tasty Tidbits* Thanksgiving Edition

Do not call. 1st Thanksgiving, 2nd thoughts. Pledging allegiance to something. Why can’t our poor be as generous as the Chinese? 3 acres and  Penguin. Do you know your turkey’s real agenda? Poet/Lyricist Scott Cairn’s premier

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Joe Sobran on War

As I rummaged through my trove of Joe Sobran clippings, I found a lot of gems unrelated to the privacy motif I’ve already discussed. Especially notable is his stance on our middle-eastern policy, in the face of the insults of … Continue reading

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