Tasty Tidbits* Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Do not call.
  2. 1st Thanksgiving, 2nd thoughts.
  3. Pledging allegiance to something.
  4. Why can’t our poor be as generous as the Chinese?
  5. 3 acres and  Penguin.
  6. Do you know your turkey’s real agenda?
  7. Poet/Lyricist Scott Cairn’s premier

* We briefly return to our regular title, as my Diocese lifts the Nativity Fast for this most Christian and untainted of national holidays.


I’m thankful for no-call lists, though I wish there were fewer exemptions, especially for pre-recorded “important messages” from Grand Exalted Poobahs with “Sen.” or “Rep.” preceding their names. Hoosier readers register here.


The Imaginative Conservative posts a bit of light verse, Second Thoughts on the First Thanksgiving.


There was a nice photo of the GOP hopefuls, Tuesday night, pledging allegiance to the flag, hands over hearts. Two thoughts came to mind:

  1. Yet another reason why I would never be a viable candidate for President, as I’ve resisted this civic ritual consistently for decades now.
  2. I will not allow my patriotism for point 1 to be questioned by anyone who uttered, or acted on, the maxim that the Republicans’ top Congressional priority was defeating the President by making his Administration fail.

Then, as afterthought, I decided to “explain” my reasons for point 1:


Then as a second afterthought, I interrogated myself about whether I should try to unsubscribe The Manhattan Declaration, but decided that it does express my convictions and that I had not gone along “just for the fellowship.”


What does it say when Europe, where most nations have per-capita incomes ranging from $35,000 to $45,000, is also passing the tin cup to much poorer China in an attempt to backstop its recklessly leveraged banks and governments?

What more proof do we need of the decadence of the Western governing class?

Matt Miller at Washington Post. (HT Rod Dreher)


Although I’m still a Mac guy, and use Windows at the office, I’ve got to say I’m intrigued by Linux, have played around with it a little, and can’t resist linking to a Distributist argument for adopting it.


I surely would be remiss were I not to warn you that your Turkey may have been offered to a Muslim idol, and consequently may be the Sharia turkey beak under the tent flap, or … maybe the turkey isn’t Halal any more than the pork and beans are.


Orthodox poet Scott Cairns tries his hand at lyricist (presumably, only on the English – not the Bulgarian or Hebrew) in a major work inspired by the rescue of 59,000 Jews by Bulgarians:

* * * * *

Bon appetit!

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