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Thursday 1/5/17

Points for integrity, anyway Virginitas in partu? ConLawProf’s Ironic Legacy What Trial Lawyers Know That Ubiquitous Resolution Wendell Berry’s hierarchy of evil Taking the Federalist Cure

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Friday evening, 10/21/16

Which God don’t you believe in? Shoring up The Imperium Lumpy. That’s what we are. An unexpectedly Safe (Internet) Space Realism versus Ideology Never say die Sane Donald Judicial Confirmation Question #1

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Putin, Russia, and Russian Orthodoxy

Sometimes one might think this upcoming election is between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin, since Donald Trump has not concealed a measure of admiration for Putin and Hillary’s fans (including the press) have tried to hang Putin, like an albatross, … Continue reading

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Some Holiday or Other 2016

Four political items, including why I’m abandoning the major parties, gay marriage after a year, Banned Books Week and arguing with atheists. Continue reading

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Friday, 1/22/16

The God beyond your head; What if matter matters?; The State of Disunion; Safe, legal, unlimited, subsidized; Worship songs; Noble lies and symbolic sacraments Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Day, 2015

The philosophy of the cancer cell Spotlight Will “we always have Paris”? The Yale Problem Paradise or Utopia? Xmassy Traditions

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Wednesday, 11/18/15

Principle: A Thing Unclean Is that all you’ve got to offer? Grateful they’re grappling

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Sunday, 11/15/15

Soul Stories Suggestions for the complicated Inventing God? What the dying man knows Learning how to suffer

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Tuesday, 9/29/15

An Agent Orange way of thinking When politics precedes culture No easy road We return to vulgar normalcy From slander to diagnosis Atheism for Dummies Winning’s not what matters Value voters Oops! Premature publication Monday late afternoon. My bad.

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Sunday, 9/27/15

Little pitcher, big ears, broken heart Atheist Morality Theology worth smuggling Slacktivist blows it on inerrancy Consuming addictions Ideological Colonialism

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