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Potpourri, 8/21/18

  1 “Scared stiff,” “weak,” not a “real attorney general”? He has been called worse in his time. It would seem to be the case that he has intuited something that most of his colleagues — to say nothing of … Continue reading

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Escape from ennui

[A]s James Baldwin put it, Americans were “afflicted by the world’s highest standard of living and what is probably the world’s most bewilderingly empty way of life.” (Pankaj Mishra, America, From Exceptionalism to Nihilism) That quote was new to me, … Continue reading

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Thursday 4/17/14

Written (sigh) from suburbia Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Russian Orthodoxy’s biggest threat

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Thursday 1/9/14

The Last Acceptable Bigotry Coming between a woman and her doctor If terrorism is the enemy, why must we feed it? …But liars can figure Downfall of the Republic? 2,734,000 Pope Francis’ economics in historic context

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Socrates of Manhattan Daniel Brewington: threat or menace? Equivocation 1 Equivocation 2 I did a bad – two bads

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