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A pornographic response to porn

Kudos to the Times‘ Maggie Jones for highlighting the issue [of teen exposure to online pornography], but if this were a math assignment she would only get partial credit. She’s guessed the correct answer without quite understanding what makes it … Continue reading

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Nominally Saved

Reading a three-part Robin Phillips series on the question “Was Calvin a Nominalist?“, I came away from Part I with some reminders why I have not returned to Calvinism. I suspect I never was a Nominalist, and at a subliminal … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 11/14/17

  Cartestian Christianity Whole souls Darwinian myths: not like other myths It’s been a great run Coriolanus as the republic drains away Especially grotesque vanity about virtue Hold, wait, do nothing Death rites

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Tuesday, 11/7/17

Christian Philosophy Choosing against choice Culture normalizes Thoughts, prayers, tweets Asian Junket Haiku

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Friday, 9/15/17

  Marriage today Why did Equifax have so much stuff to steal? Undoing the worst of Obama’s legacy What does “single payer” mean? Boringly certain, interestingly doubtful Just too sinful to see it

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Made for better than Tinder

We’re made for better than what Tinder facilitates. Alvin Plantinga’s Templeton Prize. NYT’s blind spot(s). More. Continue reading

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Where are the Watchmen? (Day 2)

I attended the Eighth Day Symposium, an Orthodox-inspired but broadly somewhat ecumenical gathering, Friday and Saturday. The Symposium title was “Where Are the Watchmen?,” based on a September 2016 Harpers essay by Alan Jacobs. Some highlights of Saturday (Friday’s highlights are … Continue reading

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Sunday 8/17/14

The war between science and religion, times two, in the leads, with sola scriptura and culture wars bringing up the rear. Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2013

Handling heterofriskiness with kid gloves My body, my self Unbracketing moral reasoning Persecution of “Christians”? Who’s Church history? Best Wishes for Christmas

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Wednesday wanderings 7/25/12

Many Worlds? Obamacons. Auto-shaped ecclesiology.

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