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Heckfire and Brimstone

Twice this week, I caught snippets of NPR or APR stories about a Pentecostal preacher who stopped believing in hell. Or maybe it was a single story, replayed, and I caught different snippets. As Rob Bell discovered, getting squishy about … Continue reading

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Friday, 12/8/17

Where nothing’s in common Changing the Context Why we’re not solving Weinsteinism “Ladies and Gentlemen …” A masterpiece on Masterpiece Motivated reasoning makes people stupid Unprecedented

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Xmas, Observed (U.S.) 2016

Merry Xmas to all the not-even-Easter-and-Christmas folks, who I trust are faithfully observing Xmas today as our government has decreed. (You can look that up on your calendar.) Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/16/13

Crime of the Century To what electorate does this appeal? 50th anniversary of a tragic death Keeping Christ at bay

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Sunday of the Last Judgment

Natural-born iconodule Suburb defined Don’t talk to a newspaper Last Judgment

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God’s Justice

Saint Isaac of Syria famously said “We know nothing of God’s justice, only His mercy.” … God’s justice is inscrutable. We cannot know it or fathom it or understand it. It’s a useless concept when it comes to understanding our … Continue reading

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