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Tuesday, 11/7/17

Christian Philosophy Choosing against choice Culture normalizes Thoughts, prayers, tweets Asian Junket Haiku

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Thursday, 10/26/17

In which I twice quote Michael Brendan Dougherty Tweets and also lament the downward trajectory of religious freedom. In this blog are many categories. Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/17/17

Game faces for the big 500th Is the putative effect really the cause? Nutrient collapse Dare ESPN discipline? Free speech’s cost Conservative Dungeons & Dragons Retweetable

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Saturday, 9/16/17

Integrity America’s Implicit Gnosticism Hillary indwells the Handmaid’s Tale The Trumpsters’ legitimate case Sullivan on Manning Hamlet on Wonder  

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Soul food

A 1942 essay punches above its age. Continue reading

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Grab Bag 7/17/17

A polemic sandwich on poetry. Continue reading

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Mélange 7/8/17

Latin Mass, State Street and Trump messes, and Beinart unmasked. Continue reading

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Cultural Liturgies

Ben Sasse meets James K.A. Smith. Whose liturgies do you trust? Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/10/17

Religious commercialism; what it means to be human; the American meta-crisis; Trump/Comey; Liberal dogmas; more. Continue reading

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Getting in our faces

Lives of consumption and spectacle; Word of the day: temporizing: Bring back this bumper sticker! Getting in our faces

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