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Liars can figure

When the latest jobs report comes out Friday, look beyond the top-line number. For months now economists have suggested that the low unemployment rate—4.1% as of last month’s report—implies that America is at or near full employment. Yet the labor … Continue reading

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Thursday, 10/26/17

In which I twice quote Michael Brendan Dougherty Tweets and also lament the downward trajectory of religious freedom. In this blog are many categories. Continue reading

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Sort of a Sabbatical

Sunday was busier and more tiring than usual, but the real reason I don’t have much blog today is that I’m still chewing on one of Saturday’s blogs and related articles I’ve collected over the past decade-plus. This can stand … Continue reading

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When Capitalism lost First Things …

There have been murmurs — if I could recall from where, I’d link them — that the current editors at First Things have been sounding awfully friendly to socialism — “socialism” being the knee-jerk response of people too suave and … Continue reading

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There’s plenty of mindless stuff on the web, to be sure, but drop your line in some holes and you’re likely to get a catch you can barely reel in. I got two of those, Wednesday, one geopolitical, one economic, … Continue reading

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Friday, 8/18/17

Grand Rapids’ Lutheran Work Ethic? Fortunatdly, not all seven items today are so risible. Continue reading

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Lucky in his enemies

Just two shortish items today. Continue reading

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The Hank Hanegraaf teachable moment

1 Ed Stetzer’s Christianity Today blog on the conversion of the Bible Answer Man to Christian Orthodoxy has been eating at me. Here’s the part that bugs me, in what I consider the relevant context: The early church was indeed more … Continue reading

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Real Rules for Radicals

Is Saul Alinsky too mainstream for you? He should be. Plus the scam of STEM, a promising legal blog startup and three more. Continue reading

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Stifling the Great Conversation

Stifling the Great Conversation and six more Continue reading

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