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Monday, 2/9/15

Another toe in the nominalist/realist roiling waters, electoral recklessness, President Obama shows that his mind’s overrated, and a Randian chariot spotted in My Fair City. Continue reading

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Friday, 3/14/14

Al Jazeera reporting what our media can’t or won’t report accurately, plus the Nation mis-handles yet a third story. But there’s two uppers at the end. Continue reading

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Monday, 3/3/14

M.Z. Hemingway’s review of media incompetence is so entertaining that it’s almost not depressing. That, a Purdue professor horrified by diversity, longing for the days when the simplistic side was losing, and a couple more. Continue reading

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Thursday, 2/27/14

The Kennan Diaries WEIRD Culture – nothing more provincial Ambivalence about Ukraine New! From The Algorithms of Townhall.com Rationalizing apostasy Almost agreeing with Peter Singer

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Wednesday, 2/5/14

I learned it in Kindergarten Resolved: Islam is … Triflers and blasphemers An odd obsession with “ensoulment” Why my burger is mostly penicillin

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War on Stuff

Our tax dollars are hard at work, buying just about all the civilization I think I can stomach.

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