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An attempt at realism

San Bernardino is our Alamo. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 11/17/15

Thoughts on Paris More thoughts on Paris Insurance that is scandalously insurance-like Gut-check on just how bad it is Men have forgotten God

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Sunday, 1/18/15

It’s Sunday. Let’s mellow out a little. Continue reading

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Saturday, 1/17/15

Over at The Thing That Used To Be Evangelicalism, strategists are busily drafting the terms of their prophetic capitulation. Continue reading

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Terrorism Not Terrorism

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Tuesday Tidbits 7/24/12

If it walks like a duck …. Taxing innumeracy. The NCAA is shocked, simply shocked. Social entropy. What’s a pious Olympian to do?

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Tofu Tidbits* 12/3/11

Good news on religious freedom. A little religious humor. Ancient religious wall paintings. Saddleback Satchel Send-Up. Republican terrorism promoters (and their harems). Slanted journalism. Poetry recommendation. * Temporarily renamed in honor of the Nativity Fast, about which Mystagogy has some more information.

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Halloween Candy edition

Genius, not smart. What soaking the rich can’t do. When “terrorism” isn’t. Brutalist Religion. Cute ad. Thinking Outside the Box on Vatican Supranational Authority Idea. American Oligarchy. Opposition Research.

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Tenth Anniversary Thoughts

The Place of Public/Civic Prayer. Great empire, little minds. S’il n’y a pas de solution … The Empire, of necessity, will end. Scott Cairns on 9/11/01 Bill Clinton at Shanksville.

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