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My blog overfloweth

Oh dear! So much that’s shareable today! Continue reading

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We always knew this would happen

Andrew Sullivan distills it. Continue reading

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Playbook for concealing truth

If you don’t want to read any more about clergy sexual abuse, I understand. I just had to “vent” about the potent summary of dodges by the hierarchy. Continue reading

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The Fixer

The legal profession is experiencing one of its period beslimings. Continue reading

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Sins of the fathers

How came it to pass that we have zillions and zillions of guns protected by the Second Amendment? Continue reading

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Tuesday, 12/12/17

Turning flesh to words, math to music, and knowing nothing to a virtue. Continue reading

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Bringing closure

In Hidalgo County, Texas, an 85-year-old ex-Priest has (finally) been convicted of murdering a beautiful and accomplished Latina, Irene Garza, in 1960. The Washington Post story ritually pronounces “closure” before probing “why so long?” What is this “closure” that gets … Continue reading

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Masterpiece Cakes thoughts

The consensus, with a few dissenters, is that the oral arguments Tuesday portend victory for Jack Phillips, proprietor of Masterpiece Cakes. I’m going to assume that for purposes of this blog. What worries me now is how he will win. … Continue reading

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Monday, 12/4/17

Relaxed Sunday, away from computer, found internet down when I returned home, and I need to get up very early Monday. Here’s what I’ve got, over an iPhone WiFi hotspot. Continue reading

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Saturday, 12/2/17

Politics, yes, but also good news on the energy front and some superb auto writing. Continue reading

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