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Saturday, 11/25/17

  The church didn’t fall Encouraging “bad Catholics” to hang in there Succinct Verbose Pity the lawyers

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Saturday of an eventful week

This may set a record for categories and tags. I thought of splitting it, but it’s somewhat through-composed. Continue reading

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Saturday, 10/21/17

Full house today, from sober correction of a good man gone awry to just plain fun Continue reading

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Saturday, 9/23/17

A conversion story unlike any other. Five more. Continue reading

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Saturday 8/12/17

Sharia Supremacism and more. Continue reading

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Getting in our faces

Lives of consumption and spectacle; Word of the day: temporizing: Bring back this bumper sticker! Getting in our faces

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The reins of our brains

Nothing whatever about you-know-who leaves time for something from the heart. Continue reading

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Perelandra & our cultural moment

What can Perelandra teach us about dead ends? Continue reading

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Escape from ennui

[A]s James Baldwin put it, Americans were “afflicted by the world’s highest standard of living and what is probably the world’s most bewilderingly empty way of life.” (Pankaj Mishra, America, From Exceptionalism to Nihilism) That quote was new to me, … Continue reading

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Lucky in his enemies

Just two shortish items today. Continue reading

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