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In modern America the story is always lies

Culled from Friday morning news. I guess Friday the 13th is sort of like April Fools Day. Continue reading

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Friday the 13th!

Manufacturing Consent Pornography apophasis Perfectly orthodox, but they do reject our heresy … Civil religion for America: anodyne, inoffensive, tolerant Democrat Party update

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Wednesday, 2/11/15

What hath Haidt wrought? Did the LDS Punk the Press? Licensed to BFF Follow the Money

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Tuesday, 2/10/15

Upholding the Constitution Lawyer Up! Le Corbusier with solar panels Did Bush lie? You just support SSM because you’re an idiot

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Monday, 2/9/15

Another toe in the nominalist/realist roiling waters, electoral recklessness, President Obama shows that his mind’s overrated, and a Randian chariot spotted in My Fair City. Continue reading

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Craftsmanship, Worldview & Coercion

What can a craftsman do when offered professional engagement to express something he cannot remotely comprehend? Continue reading

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We Are Doomed, Chapter 973

The Return of the Mercenary Queering agriculture Milton Lives! (No, not John)

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Friday, 2/6/15

Why the grass-roots might like a Romney run; how the Crusades didn’t birth Islamism; self-affirming heroes and heroines; and Putin in an illuminating light. Continue reading

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Thursday, 2/5/15

A bit late today, but I saw no reason to wait till tomorrow. A bit of satire of solemn sanctimony, two takes on Scott Walker, startling factoids about North American Christians, artistic fakery and annoying scare quotes. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 2/4/15

Bad toxins, yummy toxins; Mau-mauing persons of pallor; Pharisaical delight in status markers; and an area where we’re definitely, tragically, #1. Continue reading

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