In modern America the story is always lies

Culled from Friday morning “news.”

  1. Brian Williams
  2. Birth Mothers
  3. Religious violence
  4. Bruce Jenner is a woman



I think NBC essentially ended Mr. Williams’s career as anchor of the evening news, and did what they had to do.

He could not continue as a reporter of the news, or an interviewer who elicits news, because he could no longer report or grill when the story is lies. And in modern America the story is always lies. The 2016 presidential campaign has already begun. There will be famous gaffes, fibs, embarrassments, embellishments. How can an anchor or reporter ask questions when his own tendency to invent and embellish is well-established and a subject of national mirth?

(Peggy Noonan, emphasis added)


When Ashlee and Ruby Henderson’s son was born on Dec. 22, they had the start of the family they’d been planning and hoping for since they’d met six years ago.

“Our miracle baby,” Ashlee said.

With a change in Indiana’s marriage laws, the two Lafayette women were able to get married in November — “making it feel even more real as a family,” Ashlee said. But when the Hendersons asked to have both of their names listed as parents on their son’s birth certificate, the Tippecanoe County Health Department declined.

“Not without a court order, they told us, even though we were legally married,” Ashlee said. “If that’s what it takes, I guess.”

Indiana’s birth records laws give a man presumed standing as a child’s father if he and the child’s biological mother “are or have been married to each other.” The Hendersons’ question, after Ruby’s artificially inseminated pregnancy: Why wouldn’t that apply to women in a marriage certified by the state?

(Dave Bangert, Lafayette Journal & Courier, emphasis added)

Note the Promethean “logic” of this: Our side won “marriage equality” by arguing that in no way is marriage rationally related to procreation, and now you’re denying us “marriage equality” again by recognizing the trivial little fact that a presumption of a husband’s paternity is rational where a presumption of biological parenthood by another woman is not just irrational, but delusional.

Can you say “tangled web”? I thought you could. Lies ramify.

Maybe we should restore equality by making all birth certificates say “damned if we know” as to both parents? It’s presumably too late to retract the audacious lie that in no way is marriage rationally related to procreation.

Like the lady said: “in modern America the story is always lies.”


Moreover, the 6,832 members of the clergy executed by the Spanish Republican Red Terror in 1936 is more than twice the number of those executed in 345 years of the Inquisition in Spain.

(Michael J. Ortiz) How can that possibly be true, or relevant if it is true? We all know, tutored well, that “religion” is uniquely violent.

In modern America the story is always lies.


This is really happening. In the world:

Bruce Jenner is ready for his complete transformation into womanhood.

The 65-year-old Olympian has already picked out a female name to use after his full transition, which he revealed during the recently taped sit-down interview with Diane Sawyer.

Though the name is not yet publicly known, a source told Us Weekly he refers to her “in the third person.”

His woman name! Let joy be unconfined! The interview will air in May. It’s like the Super Bowl for us Ignatians. I texted a drinking buddy to tell him I’m coming over to watch this thing and drink whiskey on the big night. He replied, “Heaven is for real!” Verily.

(Rod Dreher) The “Heaven is for real” is a nice touch, too.

In modern America the story is always lies.

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PREPUBLICATION BONUS: The Army is going to pay to turn Bradley Manning into a woman! It must be true. I saw it on NBC.

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