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Some people continue to wonder why I won’t announce my probable 2020 vote for our Very Stable Genius (VSG), so terrible is the Democrat field. I had a Facebook Messenger argument with one of them — an academic who was … Continue reading

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The 80-foot blackboard in the bomb shelter

Hiroko Tabuchi of the New York Times on Monday published an article on the Koch Brothers killing a public transit proposal in Nashville. I read it, expecting something revelatory, and came away thinking that the case against the proposal was … Continue reading

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Saturday, 9/23/17

A conversion story unlike any other. Five more. Continue reading

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Brexit and Scapegoating

Defenders of Brexit and a writer I’d lost track of on scapegoating. Continue reading

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Sunday, 4/6/14

Scapegoating, distributism, revenge and Putin. Continue reading

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