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Potpourri 6/19/17

Is Trump a hypocrite? Is Jack Phillips a homophobe? Does World sift the news competently? Do free speech exceptions empower the powerless? Continue reading

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Domani Spero’s Excellent Adventure

Domani Spero got an unexpected rise out of the State Department. Christian Education’s Achilles Heel. Science or social pressure? Very, very much more of the very, very most excellent commentary. Continue reading

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BenOp perception versus reality

Far more Benedict Option buzz today than I can survey, but Andy Crouch may have the pithiest and most timely. Continue reading

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Snow Day 3/1/15

A potpourri that might even evoke a “gotcha.” Continue reading

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Monday 9/8/14

How Not to Lose to ISIS Joel Salatin strikes again! Rotherham is in you (and me) Not with a bang, but a whimper Reaching “Peak Protestant”

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Potpourri 2/12/14

Hyped debate twixt dumb and dumber Ideology taints everything Good conscience, bad conscience Guess who’s (awkardly, falteringly) injecting religion? Can I recant my recanting? A guy who just never finishes a job A feature, not a bug Woohoo! Food fight!

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New Years Day Full House 2014

The other white minority dictatorship The smugness of ascendant liberalism Culture War Reality Check Power Plays Get that employer an “audit” Privie Award winner, hands down I Am Herod Bad Dog

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Friday follies 7/27/12

If you think this soup lacks a theme, you’re probably right. But it’s got a lot of flavors I hope you’ll find interesting. Batman → Massacre? Olympics open. “Compassion and rationality are such a drag.” A confession. Sally Ride’s Unforbidden Love. … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 8/3/11

Hysteria or hypocrisy? Cornered in 2012. Who do you trust? Better the closet than the coliseum. Nice warm-up. Now it’s time for the Tea Party to get extreme. The Good Consumer.

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Bare breasts good, burqas bad

The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson explains, in terms I 95% agree with, why Europe’s burqa bans are a bad idea: Belgium is moving toward a total ban on face-covering veils in public. Italian police recently fined a woman for wearing … Continue reading

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