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Great and Holy Friday

It has been a long Holy Week already (we’ve had two services daily so far), and there’s more to come. Last night’s 3-hour service, with readings of twelve passion Gospels, struck me as especially grueling. But I was blind-sided emotionally at … Continue reading

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Thursday 2/9/17

The greatest pleasure; Closing your audience’s eyes and ears; L’affaire Milo; The defense spending red herring; Yes, the web is seamless, but …; Islamic chastity; L’affaire DeVos; Trump at the Prayer Breakfast (Dream Version) Continue reading

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Dark Nights

Rod Dreher’s and David Brooks’ parallel dark nights; plus three items touching the the making of modern myths. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 1/7/15

Papal humility Looking for hope in all the odd places Words to write by Weaponizing Leelah Alcorn Left-Right Liberal Symbiosis NYPD Blue hostile for good reason Are we pining for Weimar Russia?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Richard Cory. The other “hard cases.” A brief refresher course on Julian Assange. The unsung hero of the global economy. Division III rules the moral roost. Democrats and Civil Liberties. It makes perfect sense, so Romney will blow it off.

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Tasty Tidbits 9/17/11

Killing for Kelloggs. “Stupid” Worse than “Snob”? Free association illustration. The President’s new Titter account. Book smart, street smart. Seven Steps to humility. Wherein the author embeds some good, clean fun. No categories today, but lots of tags.

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Tasty Tidbits 8/18/11

Second thoughts on Adam & Eve. As pretty as … The Barbi-ization continues. Boycotts. “Recycling” drugs?! Partying kingdom style. Forgive us our debts.

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