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Clippings and Comment, 2/6/19

A Trimmer Manifesto of sorts. Continue reading

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Saturday 12/9/17

Trading excellence for hucksterism The frenzy of the fakers “Values voters.” Yeah. Right. Shorts

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Monday, 8/7/17

What’s wrong with the world (other than “I am”). Continue reading

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Sophomoric humor from IN-GOP

The Indiana Republican Party continues sending me email under the illusion that I still care what they think (not that I’m a Democrat, mind you). Today’s mail brought this sophomoric gem: Joe Donnelly may have Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and … Continue reading

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Sunday 10/13/13

Thoughts before voting Sentimentality and Obscenity Justice Kennedy goes expansive Silver linings

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Tidbits 9/16/13

Compulsion versus Inspiration The familiarity of not knowing Forensic psychology, forensic dating “It’s not complicated (I just want your knee-jerk vote)” “A cowardly act” A safe Church

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Just politics

My tidbits for the day were getting too numerous, so I took political stuff over here. It was a very political day, it seems. Gloves off! Iron fist. The Fleshpots of Reagan. Paean to Palin Ron Paul is winning. Perry’s … Continue reading

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Stopping START

Republicans in Congress and the conservative movement are capable of dissenting from bipartisan foreign policy consensus, but only when it would be the most foolish and harmful to do so. Bipartisan consensus on foreign policy is very often destructive and … Continue reading

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