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Potpourri, Solstice 2018

Mostly clippings, but a wee bit of original thought. Continue reading

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Thursday, 8/17/17

Least popular crayon in the box Suppressing White Supremacy Swapping Social Conservatism for Tribal Nationalism WaPo’s Straw Man

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New Year, not a moment too soon

I really am not going to miss 2015. Continue reading

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Thursday, 10/29/15

Two on diversity, Teach for American propagandists, Donald’s Biggest Deal, foreign policy blunders, more. Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/25/15

Tradition and Innovation Secularist Churches The Pandering Apostle The Diversity Delusion One size fits some Poet Mary Oliver I needed to know this?

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Friday, 1/23/15

Je suis un nihiliste Semitic Code Talkers The whisper, not the shout Just a different kind of authoritarianism The rhetoric of inevitability Head up, heels down A Culture of Millstones “Shut up,” he explained

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Wednesday 10/29/14

Too parochial to see the obvious The truth about evil Secularism’s Church Liberation from sanity Unpatriotic Conservatives Rick Perry: Stupid in Nature

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Tasty Tidbits 9/21/11

DADT. Not repeating, but rhyming. What relevance repugnance? Up-to-date ancients. Greece vs. America. Georgia’s gonna kill some guy who may not be guilty. (Yawn!) Diversity and diversity. Constitution Day. How’s he doing with Louis Farrakhan? Wimps.

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