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Sunday Potpourri, 12/23/18

1 Faith is not the supposition that something might be true, but the assurance that someone is there. Bishop Kallistos Ware 2 “Unless you like stats / just skip the begats,” wrote Jeanne and William Steig in their “Old Testament … Continue reading

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Sunday, 12/10/17

A little late because I decided to delete some same-old same-old political rants. Continue reading

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Sunday 1/8/17

Orthodox Christmas? Victim-Americans & American-Americans No Nukes The End of Identity Liberalism Ted Cruz now owns #Benghazi On shoulders of giants?

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Good Stuff, Monday 12/19/16

For the Time Being; In no sense a symbol; A different mode of knowing and hearing; Benedict (I) and Francis; Tribal Loyalties; 123 Likes the Shook the Nation; Shaking hands with an innocent man Continue reading

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Christmas 2015

(H/T Rod Dreher) * * * * * I blogged recently about a — let’s call him a “self-proclaimed (and self-made) Christian” who editorialized on why he wouldn’t celebrate Christmas. Well, ‘Tis the Season, I guess. Responding generally to such things, … Continue reading

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Annual Auden Adventure

I fulfilled my self-imposed Advent discipline, reading W.H. Auden’s For the Time Being, Sunday evening. Would that all disciplines were so delightful! I have excerpted it more extensively in 2014 (Here’s my part 1 and part 2 comments), and perhaps earlier … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice, Conventionally Reckoned

Counterproductive Cultural Imperialism; Ruthless, Capitalist, Trickle-Down Liberals; The Liberating Creed; Auden: For the Time Being. Unusually good stuff, in short. Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2014

Two on The Incarnation (one’s weird, sick & stupid), one each on eccentricity and on creation and evolution, and two novels contrasted. Continue reading

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For the Time Being, 2014 part 2

A nearer Christmas. More (all the rest of what I’ll share) from this year’s reading of Auden’s For the Time Being. THE THREE WISE MEN: The weather has been awful, The countryside is dreary, Marsh, jungle, rock; and echoes mock, Calling … Continue reading

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For the Time Being, 2014 part 1

It’s nearly Christmas. Time to break out Auden’s For the Time Being. Continue reading

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