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Meritocracy or virtue?

I’ve noticed something odd about the (still relatively early but) angry commentary over the college admissions scandal, whereby celebrities, “ethical fund” managers, parenting book authors and others crossed legal lines to get their slacker children into elite colleges (or at … Continue reading

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A pornographic response to porn

Kudos to the Times‘ Maggie Jones for highlighting the issue [of teen exposure to online pornography], but if this were a math assignment she would only get partial credit. She’s guessed the correct answer without quite understanding what makes it … Continue reading

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Deep chasm

American Law from a Catholic Perspective: Through a Clearer Lens Edited by Ronald J. Rychlak Rowman and Littlefield, 326 pages, $42 In this assemblage of twenty-two essays, Catholic academics and legal scholars apply Catholic social teaching to the poetic and … Continue reading

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Saturday, 9/9/17

Long, but some important stuff all the way down. Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/10/17

Religious commercialism; what it means to be human; the American meta-crisis; Trump/Comey; Liberal dogmas; more. Continue reading

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Catechizing truth & falsehood

Practices can catechize – for better or worse. Princeton Seminary today would deny Kuyper the Kuyper Award. More. Continue reading

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Friday 12/30/16

Theocracy in Alabama; Crossing chemistry and computing; Scapegoating Peter Thiel; Liberal Arts; The hack narrative: set & bipartisan; more Continue reading

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Wednesday 12/28/16

Conformity; The Temptation of Every Civilization; Them wicked crackers are at it again; Christmas Scandals now and then Continue reading

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Saturday, 8/2/14

Religious freedom, E Pluribus Pluribus, pumping paper, The key habit of those some count “losers,” and TERF Wars. Continue reading

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Wenesday, 1/15/14

Pete Fountain of Youth Redeemed by emoticons Having and being Outsourcing the red button Change ≠ Reform

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