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North of the Border, Up Canada Way

No State really cares what its people believe, so long as they keep it to themselves, and salute the State’s gods on all State occasions. The State’s gods today may be Abortion and Sodomy and Gender Metamorphosis. We might want … Continue reading

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Abuses of power

Rod Dreher revisits for the third time the Edgardo Montara case from the 19th-centry papal state that included Bologna, Italy. He quotes a Patheos column by Eve Tushnet, which quote includes this: I am not sure I’ve seen any discussions … Continue reading

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Let’s get small!

Largely by coincidence, I encountered these congruent thoughts from two ecclesial Christians within a few hours on Saturday: Liberalism … of course has robust substantive commitments, much as it might pretend otherwise. The “tradition” of liberalism, really an anti-tradition, is founded … Continue reading

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Thursday, 11/9/17

Yesterday, crickets. Today, an explosion, and it’s a wrap by mid-morning! Continue reading

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Tuesday, 11/7/17

Christian Philosophy Choosing against choice Culture normalizes Thoughts, prayers, tweets Asian Junket Haiku

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Thursday, 10/19/17

Cet animal est tres mechant We don’t take religion seriously Evangelical generation gap Thoughtstoppers

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Sunday, 10/8/17

Rod Dreher returns from France, bearing gifts. Continue reading

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France & America

  France and America are countries linked at birth and have always seen in each other funhouse-mirror visions of the other, and they have used the other to try to understand themselves. Writers such as Alexis de Tocqueville in the … Continue reading

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Saturday, 9/9/17

Long, but some important stuff all the way down. Continue reading

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Punishing the truth

Get used to the lies, for the truth will be punished. Ancient Chinese wisdom. More. Continue reading

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