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The reins of our brains

Nothing whatever about you-know-who leaves time for something from the heart. Continue reading

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Sunday, 7/10/16

I’m numb. I don’t think I’m alone. The police shootings. The police shot. Too little time to think things through. Life to live. Family to visit. The Facebook mêmes and (especially) the Tweets ring false and partisan. Maybe “tribal” is a better … Continue reading

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Monday, 5/23/16

Why do I bother with the category “transvaluation of values” when almost every blog installment includes it. “Sexualia,” too. But there’s something more important this time. Continue reading

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Dark Nights

Rod Dreher’s and David Brooks’ parallel dark nights; plus three items touching the the making of modern myths. Continue reading

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Saturday, 4/26/14

Simone Weil on Natural Weaknesses Demonizing isn’t a Policy Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism Kvetching Up a Sagamore of the Wabash Award Penal Atonement again

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Wednesday, 3/5/14

What law does sin violate, great moments in foreign policy restraint, Kum-Ba-Ya Ecumenism, and a Monk from the distant future prophesies of our age. Continue reading

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Fear and Scorn

The cypress is green in both summer and winter … Beware … of two sins: fearing sinners and scorning sinners. For your greenness will vanish like the greenness of a willow … And your humility will become arrogance. And sinners … Continue reading

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An Old Man’s Prayer

It’s hard to know sometimes whether I’ve forsaken my sins or some of them have forsaken me.

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Victimless sin?

I assume there are still people around who inveigh that there should be no “victimless crimes” — no legal threat if you’re “only having a little fun” or “only hurting yourself.” Well, maybe. But there are no victimless sins.

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Whaddya mean, “sin”?

In conversation with others, I have adopted the reflex of avoiding the word “sin” because of how it is (mis)understood in the Christian West

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