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Marcionite Christology

Striking insight: N. T. Wright has argued that most of the Christology of the past two hundred years, Protestant and Catholic, has been largely Marcionite in form—that is to say, developed in almost complete abstraction from the Old Testament. Consider … Continue reading

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Wednesday, October 10, 2011

Did you hear the one about the old maid? Why Handwriting Matters. On voluntarily leaving the center of the cosmos. Critiquing the Critics Redoubling efforts. Death to smart alecks! Substance-free foreign policy prattle.

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Daily Potpourri 7/19/12

Mitt’s Crypto-PAC. Islamism. Whiteboarding a water project. Julia didn’t build that. Just a Catholic Issue? Pox vobiscum. “Heel, boy!” Is the U.N. Antisemitic?

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Can these bones live?

Why would the Church appoint Ezekiel 37 for the Matins of Great and Holy Saturday, for cryin’ out loud?! Continue reading

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A Myth lingering

I’ve long been fascinated by the academic idea of “myth” as roughly “the stories by which we live our lives.” In that sense, a myth can be true – indeed, one would hope we’d live according to truth, not delusion. … Continue reading

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