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Sunday reflections

So I got a bit reflective … Continue reading

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Keeping Grace Unreal

I seem to have returned to my regular not-very-political blogging. Whew! Continue reading

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Monday 9/12/16

Finished reading a novel yesterday, so light (and late) blogging. I should do that more often. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 5/26/15

Miscellany followed by some First Things June/July highlights. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 5/12/15

Equality trumps liberty; Gotcha failure; High-protein coffee; HuffPo Gay Voices lie; PUCPA; How many legs?; Monastic or fundamentalist; Transvaluation of values again Continue reading

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I more or less interchangeably refer to myself, in this blog and elsewhere, as having grown up “evangelical” or “fundamentalist.” But I don’t know if I’ve ever paused to try to describe what I mean, let alone make a focused effort … Continue reading

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Not your father’s fundies — but he’ll take them

I had occasion to pass through the halls of a fundamentalist Church recently. I’m not using “fundamentalist” loosely. If I told you the denominational affiliation, and if you have your chops when it comes to various schismatics, you’d say “Oh, … Continue reading

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