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An injustice to people’s full humanity

More thoughts from the Eighth Day Symposium Friday and Saturday, and again from Ken Myers. Continue reading

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Saturday 8/9/14

Where did the Protestant mainstream go? Your friend will argue with you The ban is pretty weak tea Repent, for the Great Comeuppance is nigh!

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Tuesday, 7/22/14

Some counterintuitive claims or questions you might do well to heed, the fate of Christians West and Middle East, the wisdom of bodies and a truism that’s perniciously false. Continue reading

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Monday, 12/23/13

Playing with Fire How to read the Old Testament Bill Hybels, meet Richard Florida Great symbolism! (Less filling)

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Excited utterances

Pride cometh before a fall Cheap substitutes Theocrat Singapore? Pro Tip Rehab or the slammer? Dead men live

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“Fervently Catholic, proudly gay, happily celibate”

A New York Times feature Saturday morning profiles Eve Tushnet, styled A Gay Catholic Voice Against Same-Sex Marriage. Eve Tushnet is a very intriguing and forthright thinker/writer who had dropped off my radar though I had admired her in the … Continue reading

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