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Wednesday 11/9/16

We need a new model for third world development. Transing the dead. Our wild card President. Continue reading

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Friday 10/28/16

Economics and politics. Nothing earth-shattering. Continue reading

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Friday, 8/12/16

Miscellany. Maybe the last two will help you put your finger on something you’ve sensed. Continue reading

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Saturday, 7/2/16

More evidence that FADA is dead on arrival, a poet pans Brexit, the lonely life of a good Priest, and a few transgressions of sensibilities. Continue reading

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Thursday, 6/30/16

Mondays abortion decision and Brexit Continue reading

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Saturday, 6/25/16

Four with clear political focus, two without. Continue reading

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Saturday, 3/5/16

A potpourri, including some out-of-the-ordinary political (sigh!) and economic comments. Continue reading

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