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Mildly offensive to all

Baby narratives in Beto versus Ted. More. Continue reading

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Potpourri 9/12/18

Anonymous rides the Orient Express; Ted Cruz; Susan Collins; valuing children; selling nothingburgers; more … Continue reading

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Just politics

Political gleanings from the past few days. Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Propaganda: not to persuade, convince, or inform, but to humiliate. Friendly critique of Ted Cruz. The death of culture, identifying with losers, and more. Continue reading

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Monday 1/11/16

Two-edged sword; Memento Mori; Smug? Who split from whom? Un-learning Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/9/15

The new moralistic agenda (I thought SCOTUS said you can’t base laws on morality!?), recanting on Kim Davis, and the onus of “humanism.” Still more, too. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 2/24/15

Musings on our policies in the Middle East and Africa, with an emphasis on the obsession to distinguish true religion from false. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/17/14

I couldn’t possibly surpass Monday’s high dudgeon, so I didn’t try. I’m even a little irenic today. Continue reading

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Thursday, 9/26/13

“I always knew the questions in advance.” Extreme Investing Liverpool Football Attractions Inward focus at the Sunday Morning Show The Coca-Cola Explosion God ≠ Man in a Louder Voice Melt-down Forecast [Crickets Chirping]

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