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God bless the socialists

We’re all deeply in debt to some cantakerous socialists for doing work nobody else thought, or cared, to do. Continue reading

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Clippings (and a little opinion) 11/30/18

In some ways the most important items are last, but they have to do with heroes like Robert Mueller and villains like Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen. Some of you therefore might experience serious cognitive dissonance. 1 It’s … Continue reading

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Things that frustrate me about the 2016 election

Here begins a collection of “things that frustrate me about the 2016 election.” It may continue for the next 12.5 weeks. One is that one of my usual litmus tests for sanity has gone haywire. The New York Times Editorial Board … Continue reading

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Thursday, 6/30/16

Mondays abortion decision and Brexit Continue reading

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Wednesday, 10/28/15

Foreign affairs, domestic derangement syndromes, cynicism vs. naïveté, who won the synod, poetry infatuation, the real meaning of “dialog” and more. Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 8/31/11 Journalism Supplement

NYT gets a well-deserved reaming. Title of the Hatchet Job. Free speech erosion in Minnesota. Journalistic half truths.

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