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Guard your imagination!

It turns out, Perelandra was excellent Good Friday and Holy Saturday reading. Continue reading

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Argumenta ad lapidem (and more)

Leaving the imagination unguarded and untrained. Giving the Enlightenment order its due. Two questions for Evangelicals. What do the Nationalists want? Is X a Killer? Argumenta ad lapidem. Continue reading

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Wednesday 12/28/16

Conformity; The Temptation of Every Civilization; Them wicked crackers are at it again; Christmas Scandals now and then Continue reading

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Sumptuous Sunday Banquet

I have fallen far behind on Fr. Stephen Freeman’s blog. Laid low by laryngitis, I caught up. You’ve now got some select fruits of my banquet. Continue reading

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Calvinist Concessions galore – why not Orthodoxy?

I seldom comment critically on Reformed Christianity – Calvinism, my last waystation before Orthodoxy – but a very telling set of concessions from a Calvinist scholar leaves me wondering what thoughtful Calvinists think they stand to lose by giving up on restoring … Continue reading

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Cigarettes, terror, and Barack Obama: Glamour is Serious Stuff

So many insights, so little time! Virginia Postrel at the Weekly Standard writes of “the deeper meaning of glamour,” opening with an anecdote about a C-Span Booknotes watcher who was disappointed that she was involved with the website “DeepGlamour” instead … Continue reading

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