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Friday, 6/20/14

“Creation” versus “Nature,” Cromwell wannabes, Godwin’s Law, Christian chain letters and three or four others along the way. Continue reading

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Sunday nuggets, 5/25/14

Excerpting four commendable works of smart people PLUS a gratuitous swipe at “mind mapping meets Evernote.” Continue reading

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Atlantis Found? John of Damascus on the Incarnation. Murfreesboro Muslims prevail. Choose one: self-employment or religious freedom. Nominalism distilled; drink at your own risk! Sexualizing Everything. Good cause, bad argument. Uncommonly Stupid Product Safety Warnings.

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“Let us make man ….”

Father John Behr, Dean of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, makes “a really interesting and often overlooked distinction” in a Lenten reflection: … {T]he opening chapter of Genesis … begins, of course, with God issuing all sorts of commands: “Let there … Continue reading

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Tofu Tidbits* 12/9/11

A single point of light. Science and Faith. Football and Faith. Decorating Politics with Slogans. Hormones and Life Savers. Civil and mature debate my way, you &#!!%^^!. Danu Othello * Temporarily renamed in honor of the Nativity Fast, about which Mystagogy … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 9/5/11

Strange academic ritual. New Orthodox Liberal Arts College (and one prof’s position on evolution). Sacramental ontology. Aphorism du jour. Jesus more popular than Justin Bieber?

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Sacramental Ontology

Materialism cannot explain the human person, and I suspect that it never will unless an extremely reductionist view of the human person becomes standard issue. But what if materialism is equally incapable of fully explaining (choose one) matter/nature/creation? What if … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 8/17/11

Adam and Eve. The benefits of ignorance. Venerable voice on progressive politics. WSJ tells the parts Buffet left out. Unwinding a Ponzi scheme. All Politics, All The Time. Everyone’s a genius.

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Fruitfulness from Barrenness

I was tired and harried when I saw Father Stephen’s lastest blog post. For instance, “God brings forth fruitfulness from barrenness – it is a theme of His work of salvation.” Yeah, yeah, Father; that’s nice. But why did you … Continue reading

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The paradox of the self-denying mind

I jokingly said on FaceBook a few weeks ago that I thought I’d lost my need for certainty over the last decade, but I wasn’t sure. One of the areas which no longer move me to indignation very often is … Continue reading

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