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An infinity of angles at which one falls

… and only one at which one stands. As others fall, some embattled Evangelicals are trying to find how to stand. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 1/21/15

Persistence of caste in India; emergence of observant Christians as our new low caste; conservatism’s two castes; Plus Pope channels Veep and the managerial notion of a “successful parish.” Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/28/14

The weird anti-vaccine fad An odd, off-putting contraception analogy Happy and stupid if not fat What’s wrong with manly Christianity? Religious progressives now as sex-fixated as Democrats

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Thinking some more about contraception

I’ve been thinking more about Elizabeth Anscombe’s 1972 Contraception and Chastity, which I first blogged about recently. I’ve reached a few conclusions, which may be waystations rather than places to settle. Continue reading

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Sunday 9/7/14

Life, from death through birth to calculated avoidance of birth and celebrating chosen infertility. Continue reading

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This one Grow’d Like Topsy

Corporate religion Your Federal Government at work The Emperor finally gets his new clothes This started as whimsy

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Lord’s Day Controversies, December 30, 2012

SETI. Christmas. Nominalism and Realism. Liberal intolerance. The “Contraceptive” Mandate.

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Globalization + the Pill = Culture Wars

A very interesting post at FPR clued me in to a Jonathan Rauch article in National Journal, which in turn discusses a new book that essentially publishes a Grand Unification Theory of the origins of “Red” and “Blue” America. I … Continue reading

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