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I’ve got my absentee GOP ballot to complete before travel, but the choices this season seem harder than usual. For Prosecutor, maybe I’m rationalizing, but the challenger appears to have made one promise of substance: to file charges anytime the … Continue reading

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Neither Nor

Neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant, I nevertheless pay a lot of attention to both, because they are where the culturally significant religious action is in my homeland. Likewise, I pay attention to doings in the Republican and Democrat parties. The … Continue reading

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The misgovernance we deserve

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that I reversed the roles of House and Senate in impeachment. I won’t try to parse how that changes my analysis of the odds of removal of Trump by impeachment except that … Continue reading

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Cold comfort

More efficacious than gun control nostrums or anodyne “thoughts and prayers.” Continue reading

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Shelby Steele on NFL & BLM

Stanford Historian and Hoover Institute Fellow Shelby Steele has a powerful essay in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, behind a pay wall, about the feckless NFL “take the knee” protests. He also touches on Black Lives Matter. You probably can get … Continue reading

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Blessing or Curse?

Almost didn’t click. Very glad I did. Worth one of your monthly free looks through the NYT metered paywall. Continue reading

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Thursday 12/14/17

Some more thoughts on Alabama, post-election, and on two un-American tropes. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 12/13/17

A potpourri of discriminating provenance. Continue reading

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Saturday 12/9/17

Trading excellence for hucksterism The frenzy of the fakers “Values voters.” Yeah. Right. Shorts

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Tuesday Supplement, 12/5/17

Metanarratives Sen. Grinch, R, Iowa The right to be wrong Spats and Top Hat Looking for freedom outside the box Moore’s liberal enablers Photios Markopulos, Mayan Orphan

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