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Tidbits 9/20/13

Defending by annihilating Roots, Limits, Love Varieties of Conservative Experience I’ll never fuse with this kind of Conservative What’s Worship for II? How to figure out whose Ferrari that is

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Tidbits 9/19/13

Religion as a native language Life without deep intimacy When your only tool’s a hammer, loan it to Bibi I ♥ Chipotle “Silent Pope”/President/Prime Minister

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rural America’s fodder Slow but sure iPhone 5s The New Hitler(s) Vulgarity is forbidden except when it’s free expression The bloodier 9/11

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Manufacturing Enemies

It is necessary sometimes to ask questions just so they’re not forgotten in the miasma war-mongers, who know that war is the health of the state, consciously create. Pat Buchanan obliges: [I]s it not time to put al-Qaeda in perspective and consider whether … Continue reading

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another reason to detest war De mortuis nil nisi bonum

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Goldman Sucks Why not McCain? Why not Romney? Michael Gerson, Church Lady Clergy Misdemeanors

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

America clamors for a show trial Night Witches Piety in politics Secession as a majority right

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The Opposite of War…

The Opposite of War Interspecies “love” Thanks for the tender solicitude

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Lord’s Day, September 23, 2012

Soul Train. Do they sing the Hymn of the Volga Boatmen? Karl Hess, Coiner of “The 99%.” No solution = No problem. “Next Christianity” revisited. Blessing the Wine Grapes. Scientist, liquid nitrogen, 1500 ping-pong balls.

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The War Party

One of the reasons I’m burned out on the two major parties is that, to a disgusting extent, they are one party, The War Party. That party’s going to be the death of this nation, as giddy, thoughtless, hubristic wars … Continue reading

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