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Heather MacDonald, Andrew Sullivan, and a bit from me. Continue reading

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News roundup

Mostly “ripped from today’s headlines.” Continue reading

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Grown-up feminism

The U.S. as world policeman, a call for grown-up feminism, Tesla’s market value, more. Continue reading

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Friday, 6/20/14

“Creation” versus “Nature,” Cromwell wannabes, Godwin’s Law, Christian chain letters and three or four others along the way. Continue reading

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Monday, 12/22/13

Sex and stigma Another Megachurch Humbug Fred Clark, afflicter of the comfortable Father of Fundy Rococo dies Dreams of diet bacon Ante hoc ergo propter hoc Passing the Romophobic torch

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Richard Cory. The other “hard cases.” A brief refresher course on Julian Assange. The unsung hero of the global economy. Division III rules the moral roost. Democrats and Civil Liberties. It makes perfect sense, so Romney will blow it off.

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