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What liturgy’s forming you?

The common saying has it ack-bassward. What liturgy is forming you? Trump’s Syria hypocrisy. More. Continue reading

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Sunday of the Last Judgment

Leithart’s six impossible things before breakfast Doubter website doesn’t immunize apostate webmaster Obama’s secret bomb-thrower party What’s the deadliest religion?

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Saturday Full House 1/4/14

A matter of definition, not of “rights” Populist de Blasio and the Bad Old Days David Brooks: Fiend or Mere Villain? Larison on Ukraine Controversy, c’est moi! Diametrically opposed, equally impious Bored by Paradise Snowden’s Jig

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The Opposite of War…

The Opposite of War Interspecies “love” Thanks for the tender solicitude

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

21 questions the candidates should have been asked. Billy and Mitt. Time travel and Gnostic heresy. In defense of dogma.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Something’s got to give. The goal of reading, and of the Christian. Family, friendship, and solitude. Exodus: Liberation or Liturgy? Comparative religion. Libertarian deceit and delusion. Make Money and Mind Your Own Business.

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… and nobody came?

What if they gave a Church service and nobody came? To 10% of Protestant Churches, the answer is “preemptively cancel if you think that will happen.” That’s what’s happening this Sunday, as Christmas inconveniently falls on Sunday: Sunday yields to … Continue reading

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The Role and Richness of Orthodox Liturgical Texts

I hope that some folks follow my blog partly for occasional comments about Orthodox Christianity, and that some of those are non-Orthodox but interested or open to thinking about it.

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