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A life in a string of epiphanies

I’ve been blogging now for more than seven years, and religion has been a frequent topic. But I’m pretty sure I’ve never set out an orderly account of my religious pilgrimage or explained just what my beefs are with the Christian traditions … Continue reading

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Now that I have your attention, a serious comment on a pandemic I escaped. Continue reading

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Is it good for man to be alone?

It it good for man to be alone? Seems so, according to some. 7 other items. Continue reading

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Do Evangelicals Have What It Takes?

An apocalypse, any way you slice it. I was stunned at what Albert Mohler admitted. Continue reading

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Sunday 11/27/16

Divine ascent; Appalachian Trump Voters; Better than Federalism; Self-Identified Christians Continue reading

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Sunday, 2/21/16

Nothing terribly Sunday about this. What’s worth writing about; Sweet 16, Bitter Timing; A Regressive Revolution; Just soooo Newton County; Inarticulacy. Continue reading

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From a Russian Orthodox Catechism, 1830

Catechisms are not big favorites in Orthodoxy, but it’s interesting what a Russian Catechism of 1830 has to say about Tradition and Matrimony. Continue reading

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Monday, 11/16/15

I think I inadvertently hit upon a theme in my first three items, which theme I’ll let the reader discern. If I encounter something interesting but discordant, I’ll defer it to another article. Continue reading

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Sunday, 11/15/15

Soul Stories Suggestions for the complicated Inventing God? What the dying man knows Learning how to suffer

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Thursday, 10/29/15

Two on diversity, Teach for American propagandists, Donald’s Biggest Deal, foreign policy blunders, more. Continue reading

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