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Friday, 11/10/17

Quite a potpourri, from folk theodicy and folk Calvinism though gender reassignment and untreated mental illness. Continue reading

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Sunday, 9/24/17

Second-hand Chestertonia Dodges! All dodges! Accentuate the warm and fuzzy, attenuate the difficult Judging God Civil War in an alternate universe Don’t hitch your wagon to this star The easy path Retweetable  

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Wednesday, 5/7/14

Is transparent bigotry better than veiled? Dude, you are sooo gonna hate yourself in the morning Separation of knowledge and metaphysics Why I’m not distraught at BHO Much more useful, but rather unlike theodicy Identity Politics Candidates 276 dark-skinned economic … Continue reading

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Lord’s Day, November 18, 2012

Tacit Theodicy. Collectivism and Individualism.

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Tasty Tidbits 9/14/11 – Exaltation of the Cross

Praised by faint damnation. Where does your coffee come from, heathen? Merry pranksters at GOP Debates? It’s hard to really chasten a stiff-necked people. Tallying post-9/11 virtue and vice. It pays to be gay. Whimsy. My lit candle for the … Continue reading

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