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How To Avoid Being Called A Russian Agent Online

Caitlin Johnstone, a down-under very-lefty, waives copyright. Her offering today made it irresistible to copy her, wholesale:

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Friday, 1/23/15

Je suis un nihiliste Semitic Code Talkers The whisper, not the shout Just a different kind of authoritarianism The rhetoric of inevitability Head up, heels down A Culture of Millstones “Shut up,” he explained

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4/5 of the Stages of Grief, Nominalism (and some satire)

80% of the Stages of Grief. Morally wrong, really wrong. The Coalition that does not yet exist. Errata. A cheesy story

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Tasty Ton’o’Tidbits 8/11/11

Hekman for Senate. Do you think they’d accommodate Christians like this? 3 choice lines. Truthiness, proofiness, and 75¢ Love divided by X. Cutting edge legal theory: “altrustic filicide.” Looks like we’ve got us a chain letter! Newsweek’s Bachmann cover. 2012 Même … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 8/5/11

Man tries to hurl himself over the White House fence. Something’s not right …. Tu quoque. Did anyone warn the legislature? The elephant in the budget room. Happy Birthday, Wendell Berry. E-Trade Baby loses his … diaper region.

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