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Emollients (I hope)

1 I would find it more convincing that Trump is “shaking up his administration,” as the press reports every day or two, if they’d first report the deep complacency that needs roiling. (I just haven’t noticed that on my own.) … Continue reading

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Why can’t we “turn back the clock”?

I have become increasingly interested in classical education, but was unaware that one of the Inklings gave a lecture which has been very influential in that “movement:” Dorothy Sayers, The Lost Tools of Learning. The syllabus was divided into two parts: … Continue reading

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On arguing with integrity

Seth Godin’s Saturday blog was evocative for me: Each of us understands that different people are swayed by different sorts of arguments, based on different ways of viewing the world. That seems sort of obvious. A toddler might want an orange juice … Continue reading

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Friday, 1/23/15

Je suis un nihiliste Semitic Code Talkers The whisper, not the shout Just a different kind of authoritarianism The rhetoric of inevitability Head up, heels down A Culture of Millstones “Shut up,” he explained

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Wednesday, 8/27/14

Cornel West is unhappy with Obama, Jihadists are faux Muslims, Progressives are imperialists and other paradoxes Continue reading

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Happy Summer!

Let me be the first to wish you “Happy Summer.” I don’t care what the meteorologists say: Summer arrives June 21. I learned that in school. So there! Continue reading

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Friday, 6/20/14

“Creation” versus “Nature,” Cromwell wannabes, Godwin’s Law, Christian chain letters and three or four others along the way. Continue reading

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Hagios Podrig (St. Patrick) 2014

First Things first. And second, third & fourth. Continue reading

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Potpourri 2/13/14

What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker Hacking a currency?! “Blacklister” – who came to mind? A luxury, if you’re not starving “Wrong side of history” The fittest survivor of all Last Great Act of Defiance Who ya gonna believe … Continue reading

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“God terms”

Having yesterday expressed my bafflement at a genre of article after an instantiation thereof appeared at First Things, let me commend R. R. Reno’s “God Terms in Public Life.” It’s not what I thought. It’s better than that. Every culture … Continue reading

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