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First Things Dump (with bonus track)

Time for a First Things dump. Continue reading

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RFRA wind-down

With that hopeful title, and with Orthodox Holy Week coming, I offer what I intend as my last word on Indiana’s RFRA battles of the last two weeks. I may even go on a “media fast” to avoid sullying Holy … Continue reading

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Not all about RFRA. Really.

Just one, brief and objective RFRA item. Really.
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Vacation: too brief, too close to home

One simple RFRA question Christian Conservatives: Have you figured it out yet? A Real Theocrat The last time local media were in such high dudgeon A Proverb that influenced this blog

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Monday, 12/29/14

The Great Hype begins Caution: Hoosier “fine tuner” at work The thing that used to be (Christian) Conservatism The newspaper’s shrinking again Earth defined

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It was a dark and bitter blog … 3/1/14

The common thread here? Capitalism is emerging as blatantly anti-Conservative. It always and everywhere has been anti-conservative, but increasingly is emboldened to act openly. Continue reading

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