Sumptuous Sunday Banquet

  1. Around the Corner
  2. The Truth of Mary
  3. Math, Reason and Civilization
  4. A Gifted Existence
  5. The Poetry of God
  6. Human Tradition in a Modern World
  7. Excuse Me, You Are Not Rational
  8. Atheism and the Imagination
  9. About Fairy Tales
  10. Making It Up in America
  11. A Faerie Apocalypse
  12. The Elves Have Left the Building
  13. Theology and Faerie – The Modern Tragedy

I have fallen far behind on Fr. Stephen Freeman’s blog by a full baker’s dozen. Laid low by laryngitis, I have caught up. Here’s an uncommonly long Sunday Banquet in addition to my earlier offering. (Note the many tags and few categories; Fr. Stephen thinks outside my box.)
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Friday follies 7/27/12

If you think this soup lacks a theme, you’re probably right. But it’s got a lot of flavors I hope you’ll find interesting.

  1. Batman → Massacre?
  2. Olympics open.
  3. “Compassion and rationality are such a drag.”
  4. A confession.
  5. Sally Ride’s Unforbidden Love.
  6. Church Welcome Message.
  7. Indiana Democrats cement pro-abortion stance.
  8. Abolish the NCAA!
  9. Pop music scientifically proven boring.
  10. Jack Daniels scientifically proven to mellow you out.
  11. Academic follies.
  12. Toxic web dumps.

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