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Ephemera, 2/12/19

“Ephemera” seems apt since one snippet uses it and another snippet evokes it. Continue reading

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Saturday, 10/4/14

“Shut up about being a burden. I love you.” is my favorite today. Another, which I thought was a backwater, is already getting attention from everyone it seems. Continue reading

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New Years Day Full House 2014

The other white minority dictatorship The smugness of ascendant liberalism Culture War Reality Check Power Plays Get that employer an “audit” Privie Award winner, hands down I Am Herod Bad Dog

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Non erat demonstrandum

One of the pundits I usually agree with suggests that one lesson of Tyler Clementi is that sex is a big deal, 4 decades of denial notwithstanding. I disagree with her.

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Thoughts about privacy, “outing” and Joe Sobran

Two men, separated by 46 years in age, died this week. Of Tyler Clementi, 18, I knew nothing, but it appears that we’ll all know much, some of it perhaps true, before long. Of Joseph Sobran, 64, I was at one … Continue reading

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