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Questions for the porn-addled

Isn’t the knowledged that you’re making yourself into a bit of a monster enough to get you to stop? Continue reading

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Ephemera, 2/12/19

“Ephemera” seems apt since one snippet uses it and another snippet evokes it. Continue reading

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A pornographic response to porn

Kudos to the Times‘ Maggie Jones for highlighting the issue [of teen exposure to online pornography], but if this were a math assignment she would only get partial credit. She’s guessed the correct answer without quite understanding what makes it … Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/1/17

I wish I had something more edifying, but I don’t.
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What alarms are for

What alarms are for. Hijab or hooker dress? Three more. Continue reading

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Thursday, 9/22/16

A true potpourri, from kiddie porn to infrastructure, with war, Whig mythology, and sacred chant among others thrown in. (Oh, yeah: What if Trump wins?) Continue reading

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Sunday 5/10/15

My mind wanders to politics during morning devotions (and three others). Continue reading

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Wednesday, 2/18/15

Musings on “Christian Art,” porn, secularization as a subterfuge, hate crimes lite, legislative education adventures, and yet another reminder of clay feet. Continue reading

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Friday the 13th!

Manufacturing Consent Pornography apophasis Perfectly orthodox, but they do reject our heresy … Civil religion for America: anodyne, inoffensive, tolerant Democrat Party update

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Monday, 3/10/14

Claes Ryn on what’s wrong with conservatism (all politics, no culture), New York Times on the CAFO/Human Obesity nexus, and NYT missing the porn/human trafficking nexus. Continue reading

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