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Clippings and comment, 1/22/19 pm

1 David Brooks: [I]n the age of social media [polarization is] almost entirely about social type. It’s about finding and spreading the viral soap operas that are supposed to reveal the dark hearts of those who are in the opposite … Continue reading

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Monday, 8/3/15

Boredom as boon. Abortion’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Financing barbarism. When the NYT is incompetent. Mike Pence. Continue reading

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Sunday, 1/4/15

Three GOP figures, at least one certifiably sane. Also religion and science (again) and journalistic rabble-rousing on religious freedom. Continue reading

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Daily Potpourri 7/14/12

Condi for Veep – NOT! Status Envy – Plausible Charge Pence Indiana National Guard for Governor! Do “values” determine social practice or, roughly, vice-versa? Religious freedom, Germany versus U.S.

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