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George Will: libertarian ideologue Apple’s bitter taste Fool or deceiver? How extrapolation works

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Wednesday 10/29/14

Too parochial to see the obvious The truth about evil Secularism’s Church Liberation from sanity Unpatriotic Conservatives Rick Perry: Stupid in Nature

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Phase-outs in the interregnum. Ray Ewry, Second Greatest Olympian Ever. New Agey hokum at the LCWR confab. Mike Lofgren’s Ack-Bassward GOP diagnosis. Legal conundrum. Infinitely Indigestible? A Poetic plea from one time has passed by.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Something’s got to give. The goal of reading, and of the Christian. Family, friendship, and solitude. Exodus: Liberation or Liturgy? Comparative religion. Libertarian deceit and delusion. Make Money and Mind Your Own Business.

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Thursday thoughts 7/26/12

A Prayer in Time of Drought. Situational Libertarianism. Evil ramifies. At the end of development’s first life-cycle. Does Christianity evolve?

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Tasty Tidbits 8/9/11

Superfluity 95% deleted. Heckling the umpire. Flash Mob! (No video. No news coverage. Nothing to see here. Move along now.) A Republican Moderate? Bad anthropology, timely politics. John R.W. Stott again. A pattern poem.

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Easily explainable, but impossible

Michael Gerson challenges not only libertarianism (which I’ve never been able to embrace), but constitutional conservatism, which I have embraced: The Tea Party movement, being resistant to systemization, is resistant to characterization. But in its simplest form (and there seems … Continue reading

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