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Accumulated clippings, 2/3/19

1 Must every London gentrified street have a Starbucks, a Pret A Manger, a Caffè Nero, a Costa Coffee, a Wagamama, an Itsu, a Tesco Express, an Eat, a Hotel Chocolat, a Foxtons and a Boots? Is that all that’s … Continue reading

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Clippings, 11/24/18

There are web aggregators that are disciplined and regular. This is my ill-discipline and irregular aggregation for today. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/16/13

Crime of the Century To what electorate does this appeal? 50th anniversary of a tragic death Keeping Christ at bay

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Tasty Tidbits 8/16/11

Self-medication comparisons. God’s best. Buffet deserved better artwork. Right position, opaque reasons. Plutonomy. Religious freedom today. Dwelling in unity. Who’s your physician?

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