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Genocidal White Nationalist Democrats of the 80’s

We’re hearing more and more that abortion is necessary to keep blacks, immigrants, etc. from outnumbering or overrunning us. Some like abortionist Edward Allred put it crudely, offering to set up an abortuary in Mexico for free if he could. … Continue reading

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Daily Potpourri 7/16/12

More than an ethical code. One of many things wrong with the world. Whatever attracts viewers for our advertisers …. Serendipity. Christianity and Culture. Ill Fares the Interviewer? The Loathsome Romney Candidacy.

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Thought crime?

I’ve been suffering a bit of cognitive indigestion, as a cluster of blogs styled “Alternative Right” I’ve begun guardedly following has lobbed a timely but disconcerting claim my way: Ron Paul has a real chance of winning next week’s Iowa caucuses. … Continue reading

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Tofu Tidbits* 11/29/11

OWS explained. “A Mongolian Idiot …” New Catholic Mass update. So many hopeful signs…. Bye-bye, Barney. * Temporarily renamed in honor of the Nativity Fast, about which Mystagogy has some more information.

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